Frequently Asked Questions

Do you film with two cameras?

Yes, we have always used two cameras to get the most coverage of the day during the most important events such as the
Ceremony, Bridal Waltz and Speeches. Its a great way to alternate shots and keep things interesting

Do you charge to travel to regional areas?

We have travelled around the world and all over Victoria, and generally work off a 100km radius. From the city to the
country. We love new and exciting locations to film. If its some distance outside that we may require a travel fee

What's included in a highlights video?

Highlights videos are a great way to recap the whole day to the duration of a song. Sometimes its nice to watch instaed of the
whole video and a fantastic way to share the day with friends and family on social media like Facebook
We can also include the highlights on the DVD menu screen

How long will it take to get the completed video?

Generally we like to have it done in 8 – 12 weeks from the day of the wedding during peak times. We can give
you a better indication of timeframe dependant on the amount of bookings around your wedding day

Can we keep the footage?

Of course, its your wedding day! we can transfer the final edited file on a hard drive. We like to utilise as much vision as we shoot.
We are also happy to supply a HD version of your wedding onto a supplied USB or Hard drive for no extra cost.
The raw vision when viewed as individual clips can be hard to view so we prefer to supply the editwed version

Can we change one of the packages to suit our day?

Our packages are flexible depending on the time allocated. For instance if the bridal preparations aren’t as important as filming
more dancing or guests, we can transfer that time and start later and stay longer.
Or perhaps you aren’t doing a bridal waltz, we can work around this

Do we need to pay a deposit?

We do require a $300 deposit to secure the date, especially during very popular months as we get enquires on days we
already have booked. We will send you out the booking forms, then need the remaining balance just prior to the wedding day.
Generally we will give you a courtesy call before taking a booking on a day that was enquired about if we have yet to receive
a deposit to ensure you want to go ahead

Do you offer photography?

We primarily focus on video, however we do work regularly with talented and fun photographers whom we would highly
reccomend and can pass on their details

Can we get additional copies of the DVD?

Certainly, we can provide additonal copies at $20. which includes the cover artwork. Its always a good idea to keep an
extra copy away in case its lost or damaged

Do you charge extra for the DVD format and interactive menus?

DVD authoring and menu screen design is inclusive, we will just require 2-3 photos for the menu screens which
includes a title page and a scene selection page so you can click on the scene you wish to view or can ‘play all’
and watch the whole day

Why do you charge less than other video companies?

We have always strived to be affordable and was our initial reason for getting in the industry. After hearing that
couples couldn’t afford a video and regretted not having one that was the core reason we offered such affordable
rates when we started in 2005 and continue to provide that affordability